Into Acton KOA

Today took us 18 miles into Acton KOA which is a public campsite, so good facilities to shower a even a pool so pushed though the midday heat to reach here by 3 and make the most of it, tomorrow a short 10 miles into Agua Dulce to resupply for the next leg which will take us into the Mojave desert so will have to plan how to deal with this section,can’t wait to get to the Sierras now and leave the desert section behind but not long now.
Speak again soon
Chris and Jake

One thought on “Into Acton KOA

  1. Many years ago we met a fellow from South Africa at a KOA in Southern California. This fellow’s goal was to drain the hot water tank in every KOA in the US. He would get up at about 6:00 am every morning and shower until the hot water ran cold. Overheard the American campers blaming the hot water shortage on those damn Canadians. LOL


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