UK Summertime update

Hello Everyone
I hope that all is well with you and are all coping with the changes to our lifestyles.
This will just be a short update on my restricted travels in the UK now that the restrictions here are starting to lift.
I managed to spend a week down in Cornwall in the camper van which was actually better than I expected, the trip down was straight forward apart from seeing the temperature gauge raise higher than it should of just after leaving some motorway services on the M5 but it seemed to settle back down again and got me down into Falmouth by mid afternoon.
Falmouth seemed unusually quiet, summer there is normally packed but I had seen it busier in the winter months when I lived down there. I didn’t really know what to expect from people with the restrictions only just being lifted but all the locals were very friendly and seemed genuinely pleased to see some visitors returning, I parked up along the coast road on arrival and walked into town with the intention of getting a decent Cornish pasty which I managed and was not disappointed.
I spent the first night where I parked on the coast road and was surprised at just how comfortable it was, it was great to watch the sunrise though the rear window and look out over the sea, I was fortunate that some of the facilities were open along these front. The next day I managed to book a campsite for 7 days from the Saturday which was the first day they reopened.
On the Friday night I parked up at Pendennis Point which I had spotted during a run in the morning and although windy and rainy during the night it was dry and comfortable inside the van, cooking breakfasts in the mornings was pretty easy and some how food cooked outside always seems to taste better to me.
I really only had one meal actually in a restaurant whilst in Falmouth which was Fish and chips in Rick Stein’s which was excellent and very well organised with hygiene measures and distancing considering restaurants were only just allowed to open, they even took contact details for track and trace which i was pleased to see.
I arrived at the campsite on Saturday morning and was pretty much the only person there at first and only had a few others over the next few days. Again it was well organised with hand sanitiser everywhere and social distancing easy, it was nice that showers and toilets were open and cleaned regularly as it was uncertain before going down if they would be allowed to open.
I spent a fair amount of time running and walking whilst down in Cornwall and even started to get used to some of the hills again, I had a stroll down memory lane whilst in Falmouth and walked past the first house I lived in when I came over from Canada in 1977 before I joined the RAF, it hadn’t changed very much.
I traveled over to the north coast to Portreath one day to visit where my parents lived for a while when I was in the Air Force, the house which overlooked the sea is gone and there are holiday cottages now where it was, I was still able to walk along the coast path though that I used to run along when I was home, which was nice.
It felt like a successful trip down to Cornwall and I was surprised how much I enjoyed living in the van for a week and waking up in what felt like outdoors but being warm, dry and comfortable.
The only drawback was a few overheating incidents with the Bongo whilst down there and on the way back but we got back without any damage, so the verdicts still out on wether I keep the Bongo but I must say it has grown on me already and I’m planning a trip to Wales this weekend with the intention of going up Mt Snowdon and Tyfan if possible, so that will test the Bongo again.
Only other news from me is I am only a few miles from the finish line of the Great Virtual Race Across Tennesee which is 1000 km and as part of Team Tribe have enjoyed the challenge but will be pleased to cross the line.
Well that’s all for now, I’m still hoping that we continue to progress though these corona virus restrictions and it will be possible to visit family in Canada soon and eventually get back to travelling properly.

Until next time
Take Care

One thought on “UK Summertime update

  1. Glad your trip to Cornwall (and down Memory Lane) went well. I hope that you will get the overheating problems sorted out without great expense. We now can travel within the four Atlantic provinces but will be staying put for the time being. Looking forward to your adventure in Wales.


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