Covid 19 ( getting used to standing still ) 

30 March 2020                                                                                                               I’ve been back in the UK for nearly two weeks now and most of that has been in isolation with restricted movement due to the virus and actually so far it hasn’t been to bad, one upside is we can still get out to exercise once a day so I’m able to slowly build my mileage. 

It’s been possible to see Becca and Jake while their out walking the dogs in the park but still have to obey the 2 meter rule which is ok and it’s good to see that they seem to be coping with the restrictions alright, So far it looks to me like the government is handling it the best they can and I feel confident that all will be well in the end it’s just that we don’t know when at the moment.

It certainly will put paid to any travel plans for the moment, so far my friends and family here and in Canada seem to be coping, I’m still hopeful that I will be able to get over to Canada at some point later this year for a visit. I’m also hoping that I may be able to get back to traveling of some sort possibly next year but it’s too early to tell at the moment.

The world could be a different place when this is all over and I expect to have to adapt and make changes to my plans of travelling for the next five years but still looking forward to the future whatever that may be, I hope that I remain to be so positive as things progress, it will certainly be interesting to see how my feelings change.

Update on Lockdown UK and easing of restrictions
Friday 3td of July 2020
it’s now 3 1/2 months since I returned from India and coronavirus restrictions in the UK started soon afterwards. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with good friends in Buckingham over this time (Thank You !!). I was also able to see more of Becca and Jake over this time which was great even though the 2 metre rule applied for all but the first week.
I managed to keep myself busy during it by spending quite a lot of time outside running (and was persuaded to join a team for a virtual race across Tennesse which i am about75% finished now) and walking and actually enjoyed the empty streets and solitude, it’s already gotten busy in town again, I was also able to spend some time doing yoga which complemented all the miles running.
Another thing that happened during the restrictions is I went and bought a camper van off Ebay about 5 weeks ago and that has kept me busy sorting things out. It’s a 25 year old Mazda Bongo which should be interesting, after the initial 100 mile trip home which went ok and a few shorter days out including Fathers day with the Kids, I am now down in Cornwall and booked onto a campsite which are allowed to open tomorrow.
So we will see how Vanlife goes, and the next month should at least tell me if i like it and want to explore it more (I hear Europe is well setup for Vanlife, so maybe a bit of winter down south if I decide to stick with it)
I was suppose to of been in Canada and the States this Summer but plans have had to be changed but hope to be able to visit family and friends there soon
I hope that you’re all well out there and coped with the restrictions where ever you are, I will keep you posted as to how this latest episode goes and put a few pictures of UK based travel during continued restrictions on the blog in the next few weeks, its all new to me at the moment so I think I will be learning and making mistakes as i go. (Feel free to offer tips and advice )

Take care
Regards Chris

3 thoughts on “Covid 19 ( getting used to standing still ) 

  1. Hoping van life goes well! So glad that you have been able to spend time with Becca and Jake. We are coping here. The four Atlantic provinces open up to each other today, so it is now possible to leave the Island. We have had no cases of Covid-19 here on PEI for over 2 months. We will see how things go as tourism season starts.

    Because of very serious family health concerns we have been very careful and restricted our movements and travel. Mike does all our grocery shopping. I have made masks for us and also sent them out to our son in Edmonton for his family. I have also made masks for friends and our next door neighbour. Our church reopened but we will continue with online services. Last week Mike had an appointment at the hospital and I had my first outing–coffee at McDonald’s while waiting for him. (The hospital cafeteria is still closed to the public.) At McDonald’s, I had to sign a contact register and maintain social distance.

    Yesterday, Mike and I went to a village about a half hour’s drive from here for lunch and coffee. We wanted to get an outing in before the tourists arrive today. We ate outside and maintained social distance on the patio of the takeout restaurant. We also sat outside at the coffee and chocolate place. We had to sign in at both places.

    Here, we got to Phase 4 pretty quickly because it was possible to seal off the Island and restrict travel to and from the province. We will see how things go now that we are open for business again. We do not know when we will get to see our granddaughter, Jovie, and David and Elise again. But we are skyping. We certainly did not have that when our children were small and we were living in Germany and my parents were in Alberta. That helps put things in perspective.

    Enjoy yourself in Cornwall. I have always wanted to visit that part of the world. Sending love and hugs!

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  2. It’s good to hear you’re well Dawn
    It sounds like PEI have it good there, long may it continue. I feel we will all get there eventually with a bit of common sense from us all, just a matter of time
    Take care


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