Hello everyone

Hoping all is well with you

Jake and myself have been in Toronto about a week now and been staying with my Sister in Oakville ( Thank you Joy )

We have begun to sort out and look into things we need to do to live here for the next year, such as phone contracts and finding somewhere to live, with the help of my nephews mother in law ( again thank you for your help )who is an estate agent in Toronto we hope we have found an ideal place in Downtown Toronto for a year.

Been spending a lot of time looking and researching things on the internet but found time to go for some short runs and went to a park run in Mississauga yesterday which was good and attended by mostly British Tourists. Jake has been attending a gym on a free trial at the moment until we get settled so he is happy with that.

Still a lot to sort when we get into a place but all looks good at the moment.

Thank you and take care

Chris and Jake

if your in Toronto in the next year or so drop us a line.





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