Mammoth to Tuolumne Meadows

Hello all
Well this section of the trail although taking only two days and forty miles in length has bought some developments, leaving Mammoth during the afternoon and getting back onto the PCT both Jake and myself relized that despite a longer than planned stay in Mammoth neither of us seemed to have any energy and were really struggling with the incline coming out of Mammoth, I had felt like this before we stopped at Vermilion Valley Resort ( Jake said he had felt like this for a couple of weeks but didn’t want to say) but thought after a rest there and then Mammoth we would be ok but that was not the case, it was probably down to both losing too much weight though hiking every day and poor diet on the trail, we just didn’t seem hungry enough to replace the calories we had used and it caught up with us so decided that evening to continue into Tuolumne Meadows and finish our PCT adventure there. So after getting from Tuolumne Meadows into Yosemite valley we have made it into San Francisco and presently in a hotel for a couple of nights, just booked a campervan from Monday and planning on traveling down highway 1 taking it easy and eating healthier (spending a bit of time on some beaches appeals to me at the moment)
I will keep the blog going, it will just be less hiking and a bit more of a road trip
Thanks Chris and Jake
Take care

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