Mammoth update

Well the news is we are still in Mammoth and have decided to stay an extra day to rest up and because England play tomorrow and if we left today would miss it on the trail.
It was a last minute decision made over breakfast this morning at Toomey’s, we seem to feel much more tired when off the trail in towns, so this morning we watched France go through to the final of the World Cup
Hopefully they will be joined by England.
We seem to be spending more time off the PCT in towns than we had planned but will try to make it up later or flip up the trail later to make up time and keep us on track to finish in September so we can start a road trip of the West Coast, I’ve already been looking at VW Camper rental in anticipation. At the moment we’re relaxing in the motel after the France game but will be back on the PCT tomorrow heading towards Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite National Park thereby getting closer to the 1000 mile mark and the end of the Sierra section
Take care all
Maverick and Goose

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