It’s been a while

It’s been awhile since our last update as there is no real cell service in the Sierras but after a day at Kennedy Meadows resuppling for the first section to Bishop which is about 5 days away, We left late afternoon to get back on the trail and did about 8 miles before picking a campsite for the night, the first 50 miles from Kennedy Meadows is very similar to what we had in the desert but with a gradual change in the terrain and beginning to see more vegetation and even the start of meadows, after the 750 mile mark you notice more forest and streams still being feed by snow melt from the mountains, these last 2 days have been hard but worth the effort, Yesterday summitting Mount Whitney ( the highest mountain in the continental United States at over 14000 feet) We left at 0130 and to the Summit at 0600, it was a differcult climb but the view from the summit was worth the effort, after getting back down, We rested till late afternoon then did another 8 miles as we wanted to get closer to Forester Pass so we could climb it it during the morning, that afternoon felt hard as we had to contend with more elevation after Mt Whitney in the morning and also lots of mosquitos which we hadn’t had to really contend with before, the campsite we choose seemed to be mosquito central so we retreated to our tents quickly, in the morning we had 5 miles to the top of Forrester Pass at over 13000 ft the highest point of the PCT with 4 of us doing it together by 10 o’clock. The high Sierras we are in now are difficult because of the elevation and altitude but the views are spectacular, after Forrester Pass we pressed on to kersage Pass (another hard climb in the afternoon) so that we could make it to Bishop by the evening and shower and sleep in a bed tonight, we were fortunate enough to be picked up from the trailhead by another hiker who rented a vehicle and was also stopping in Bishop.So that is where we are now recovering from the last few days exertions. We have also been given trail names since we have been traveling with Iceman since the Mexican Border and and I was in the Airforce continuing with the Top Gun theme we are henceforth known as Maverick and Goose.
Thanks Goodnight all
Maverick and Goose

3 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Are you Maverick Chris? Reasons for trail names please. Why goose forJake? If tgats tge right way round?


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