Well it’s been 5 days since leaving Tehachapi and we have been gradually getting closer to our first target of finishing this desert section and arriving at Kennedy meadows and the start of the Sierras. First 4 days out of Tehachapi felt pretty good, terrain was a mix of mountains and forests at lower elevations, temperatures bearable for the desert.
Today felt different however lots of elevation morning and afternoon and the heat was back combined with lots of loose rocks as the terrain, it was probably one of the hardest days of the trail so far but after the final climb of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Tomorrow we will have about 27 miles left to Kennedy meadows and are planning to do around 22 and then camp about 5 miles short and arrive early on the morning of the 21st, right on the day we had planned to reach Kennedy meadows. We have also now completed 1/4 of the PCT, so feel our date of September 15 to complete is in reach with faster sections still to come.
Will update from Kennedy meadows probably after I’ve had a few cold drinks.
Chris and Jake

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