Since leaving Hiker Heaven

On leaving Hiker Heaven the morning after we arrived, we were lucky enough to get an early ride to Bouquet Canyon which was the first place that we could pick up the PCT again after the fire closure, We were back on the trail by 7.30 and the aim was to get to Cass de Luna before it got to hot, the first part was a couple of miles of incline but the trail itself was well maintained and flat in this section, so we made good time and covered the 13 miles to the road where we could hitch to Casa de Luna in good time and were there by 12.30. Casa de Luna is run by a trail angel named Donna who encourages everyone to relax and have a good time while they are there but as we had already stayed at Hiker Heaven the day before we had only planned to wait out the heat till 4 then do another 8 miles to a campsite, which is what we did after getting a lift back to the trail.
Today felt like a very different day. It felt as if we were going uphill all day and with the heat and very little water available in this section it was hard work, we completed about 12 morning miles to reach Sawmill campsite where we knew we could find shade for a few hours, leaving there at 3 we needed to do another 10 to reach horse trials campsite which we did just before 8, so it felt like a long hot day, but it only leaves us about 10 miles tomorrow into Hiker Town where we plan to spend most of the day then set out about 5 as it cools down and night hike some of the next section to Tehatcepe as it gets to hot during the day to hike and there will be nowhere to escape the sun.
Thanks Chris and Jake. Oh yes we past the 500 mile marker today.

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