Swarthout junction to Wrightwood

After leaving Swarthout junction and trail magic provided by Detour, our plan was to make it to Guppy campsite which would leave us a short 5 miles into Wrightwood the next day, we knew that there would be a lot of elevation to gain throughout the day, it felt hot right from the start as we started to climb, we were hopeful for some shade but there was little to be found on the mountain or flat areas to rest, we were starting to struggle a bit and trying to conserve water when we spotted a place below the trail at about 1 o’clock which was ideal to escape the heat till 4 o’clock leaving us about 4 miles to complete to the campsite which we arrived at at 6 o’clock and found a much appreciated water cache.
In the morning we had a short 5 miles to the highway from where we hitched into Wrightwood, waiting about an hour but nothing seemed to be going towards Wrightwood, in the end the 2nd car (a fiat 500) squeezed was all in somehow and we arrived in Wrightwood to book into a motel and get cleaned up. Will resupply here and get going towards Agua Dulca tomorrow, about 3 days away.
Thanks. Chris and Jake

One thought on “Swarthout junction to Wrightwood

  1. Looking good Chris. Think I managed to share a post onto FB about fire north of Agua Dulce for you.


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