After reaching a water source about 4 miles from Cabazon where we spent a very windy night ( there’s not miles of wind farms here for nothing), We set off for interstate 10 and and an underpass, seems like we were battling into a headwind and trudging though soft sand all the way there which was hard work for only a gain of 4 miles, but on reaching the underpass we found that there were cold drinks, hot dogs (also cold ) and other snacks there left by trail angels so that made the hard going worthwhile. We had planned it so we could get into Cabazon to watch the champions league final which started at 12, eventually we found the only place showing it was the Casino, managed to watch it there with others at the bar, afterwards after a quick visit to Starbucks we headed back to the underpass topped up our water and made other 10 miles on trail, past Mesa wind farm, all just about managing to avoid getting blown of the mountain ( apart from Jakes hat), eventually we desended into a valley the other side and found some shelter from the wind to set up our tents.
That was a busy day considering the break in the middle.
Take care. Update soon
Chris and Jake

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