Decent from Fullers Ridge

Today after sleeping at over 9000 ft on Fullers Ridge and none of us really wanting to get out of bed at 5 o’clock as it had been very windy and cold all night. We descended to 1200 ft over 18 miles, initially though pine forests then rocky desert mountains, it was hard work at times but we made it down to the only water source for the day and were able to replenish what was used on the way down which was most of it, tomorrow we are only a few miles from interstatee 10 so are planning to get there and hitch into Cabazon to watch the Champions league final which starts at 12 here so we can miss the hottest part of the day and get back on the trail late afternoon to do some more miles towards Big Bear City.
Take care. Speak to you all soon
Chris and Jake

2 thoughts on “Decent from Fullers Ridge

  1. Hopefully if youre watching in a sports bar they won’t ask Jake for I.D. as he must look older now!


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