Two days out of Laguna

Hello everyone
Hope all is well, we are now just ,!7!past scissors crossing just past the 80 mile mark on the PCT heading towards Warner springs where we hope to be the day after tomorrow, last two days have been hot with a lot of wind especially yesterday when it continued all night but somehow the tents survived, today was hot with a lot of elevation change and no shade, Jake has coped better with the heat and mileage and seemed better at the end of today. Sleeping out under the stars tonight but Jake prefers to be in a tent. Speak to you soon Chris and Jake

One thought on “Two days out of Laguna

  1. Think you’ll be climbing the San Felipe Hills next? Watch for octotillo, known as Jacob’s staff (how appropriate ). Looks like spiny dead sticks but after rain it greens up with bright red flowers. And also Mojave yucca (Spanish dagger), small evergreen tree with crown of bayonet style leaves round base and white flowers. And hummingbirds! And short horned lizards that look like toads. Take care. Good hiking.


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