Campo to Lake Morena

Well it started today, 20 Hot miles mostly gaining then losing then gaining elevation from Campo at the Mexican border to lake Moreno, started off overcast and perfect weather for hiking as the cloud burnt off wsswithin an hour it got very hot, Jake struggled with the heat a bit but we made it to Hauser creek about 14.30 and got some food in us. Coming out of Hauser creek was a big climb with hardly any shade, needed to take breaks when we could find s bit a shade and finally got into Lake Morena around 18.00 got some food and drink and set up camp. Hoping for and early start tomorrow to avoid most of the heat. Oh and so far rattle snake count is two, one too close for comfort as we turn s corner and nearly walked into him.
Will try to post some pictures
Chris and Jake

2 thoughts on “Campo to Lake Morena

  1. Long first day, especially for Jake in that heat. Hope he finds his ‘trail legs’ and can keep going. Did you walk with the other couple that were starting same day?


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