Hello All

A brief update from San Diego, since last time it has been pretty much of the same routine of organising our equipment for the trail, trying to make sure that we are as prepared as possible and have everything. Sent another box off today with a new pair of shoes for myself to Big Bear City as I think the shoes I was using in the UK have got another 250 – 300 miles left in them. Spent a couple hours today looking around an outdoor store called adventure 16 picking up more equipment we think we will need, staff there very helpful, but I think the biggest news is Jake has had his head shaved (his decision) says it will be easier for him on the trail, he’ probably right, I don’t need to worry about my hair getting to long.
Well that’s about it for now,tomorrow we make our way to stay with some Trail Angels Scout and Frodo (that’s their trail names) until the 15th when they will give us a lift down to the Southern Terminus of the PCT for us to start our hike. Looking forward to meeting them and others starting in the next few days.
Until next time take care.
Chris and Jake

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