Hello from San Diego

Well it’s been a busy second day here in San Diego, arrived yesterday from Toronto, got here around lunchtime and got an uber from the airport straight to the beach hostel where we are staying till the 12th, after arriving at the hostel and dropping our bags yesterday

we went out to have a look around the local area and find a gym that we could use for a few days, first gym we tried was pretty bad but found another not too far away, when we went for some food in the evening we found a sports bar that looked ok but forgot that drinking age in California was 21 so couldn’t get served even though we didn’t want alcohol but managed to find somewhere else.
When back at the hostel that night noticed another couple arranging boxes of dried food on a table so thought that they could only be other PCT’ers, as it turned out they were and also from the UK and starting in the morning, said they would be starting slow so you never know we may meet again along the trail.

Today we were off to REI early to pick up equipment for the trail also getting a decent camera for the trail (Sony Rx100 m3) and sorting phone coverage (AT&T),
Equipment such as tents sleep bags and what seemed like an endless list of other stuff we need including the first few days worth of dehydrated food, backpacks already seem full but not quite as heavy as we had been training with but we still need to add water to them,
Will spend some of tomorrow repacking and looking into sending some shoes and other equipment up to the 500 mile mark.
Both myself and Jake are looking forward to getting stated now and experience the PCT, there’s bound to be things that I have forgotten but it will be a learning experience for us both and I’m confident I can deal with unexpected things as they happen and I’m sure they will.
Bye for now I’ll be in touch again soon
Chris and Jake. Oh yeah forgot to mention we have been for our obligingly visit to In and Out burger is you do when in California although I feel I should be making the most of salads while their still available to me
Again bye for now thanks for following Chris and Jake

3 thoughts on “Hello from San Diego

  1. Loving your blog Chris. Whereabouts is the 500 mile mark? Agua Dulce or Kennedy Meadows? I’d like to know so I can send you a card! (Read & burn as fuel for your camp fire!)


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