Hello Everyone

Hope everyone is well

Jake and myself have been in Canada since the 25th visiting my family in and around Toronto, preparing as much as we can for the PCT on the 15th, managed to order majority of our equitment for the trail from REI in San Diego so its ready to pick up when we arrive their on the 8 th of May, Really looking forward to getting started now, rest of the prep will need to be done when we arrive.

We will update when we get to San Diego.

Bye for now       Chris and Jake.

4 thoughts on “Hello Everyone

  1. Safe travels to you both. Love to your MOM. Give her a hug for me. Today is my mom’s birthday, she would have been 85 years old.


      1. We have been travelling a lot the past few years. I think we were home less than a month last year. Haven’t been home yet this year. LOL We have met so many new people doing the same. Its handy to have some business cards with your contact info to hand out and keep in touch.


      2. Yes saw some of your photos They look great. Hoping to see more of places like Arizona and California after doing the PCT , possibly buy a van to travel round in for a while. Will definitely have to get some business card made up before we go


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